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What You Can Expect When You Opt To Have Separate Lipo And Tummy Tuck Procedures

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Most people who have a tummy tuck surgery also have liposuction. This is because a tummy tuck addresses loose, stretched out abdominal muscle. It does not address abdominal fat. If you opt for just a tummy tuck surgery, here is what you can expect. 

The Belly Droop Is Still Present

While weak abdominal muscles do contribute to the droopy belly you see in the mirror, it is actually all of the layers of abdominal fat over the muscles that cause most of the sagging belly. Sadly, this fat can get bigger, and then it looks as though you did not have any cosmetic work done at all. What you end up with is tightened muscles that cannot be seen because of the excess belly fat, and the belly fat belies the positive effect of the tummy tuck.

The More You Age, the More the Fat Droops

Gravity pulls at the body in all kinds of unpleasant and disfiguring ways. When you continue to carry drooping skin and fat in your abdomen, the fat droops even more. While the tummy tuck reverses time and gravity internally, the fat over the top of the abdomen continues to grow and sag with age.

Opting for a Second Surgery for Liposuction Later Is Not a Good Idea

One of the biggest reasons why so many cosmetic surgeons push for the liposuction with the tummy tuck is convenience. If you refuse the liposuction with the tummy tuck, then you may have to have a second surgery later. Having to do two separate surgeries because you want better results from your tummy tuck and you find that you did not get them with tummy tucking alone is both painful and inconvenient. It is also expensive, since you will pay twice for anesthesia, pain killers, a second restrictive, post-surgery undergarment, etc..

Waiting to Do the Liposuction Could Be More Expensive

Cosmetic procedures are rising in popularity. As such, more and more plastic surgeons are raising their prices to compete with other plastic surgeons. This means that having your liposuction done one, two, or three years from now could result in price hikes, and all of that money you were trying to save for the liposuction would not be enough. If you are having a hard time paying for both lipo and a tummy tuck together, consider financing it. A lot of patients use their charge cards, take out bank loans, etc., to get both procedures done at the same time.