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Staying Comfortable After a Facelift Surgery: 3 Helpful Tips

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Facelift surgery offers a wonderful way to improve your self-esteem and make you look years younger. However, there is some significant healing time required, depending on the amount of work that is done. Staying comfortable in the days and weeks that follow can be easier thanks to pain medication, but there are other things you can do to remain comfortable. Here are a few tips you can use as you recuperate. 

Invest In New Pillows

Finding a comfortable position to rest in can be difficult due to pain and swelling in the face. One way to get around this is to try out a few different pillow options. A neck pillow, typically used for travel, can provide a great way to rest your head without putting your face in full contact with the pillow. Your head will rest on the outer layer of the pillow, leaving your cheekbones and jaw untouched. Other options might include wedge-style pillows that put your upper body at an angle without the need for stacking pillows. A neck roll pillow can provide additional support for your neck, which may also be sore in the days after a facelift.

Choose Comfortable Tops

If you will be staying home for the bulk of your recovery, treat yourself to some new pajamas. Lounge-style sets with cozy pants and button-down tops can provide the comfort you need while you recuperate. Avoid pullover tops, as they can be difficult to get over the head due to post-op swelling and tenderness. You may also find that tops that sit too close to your neck and chin may be uncomfortable, and button-downs let you choose the fit that works the best for you.

Cooling Eye Masks

Eye masks can help you sleep in the days after your surgery, and the soft material offers a luxurious feel. Cooling eye masks, however, can offer the added benefit of helping to reduce swelling. These masks have a cooling gel inside, and they can be stored in the refrigerator until you are ready to use them. Ask your doctor if this will interfere with your recovery first, as some patients may have incisions around the eyes that might become irritated by the mask.

You should also take this time to enlist help around the house. You may be able to tackle some light housekeeping tasks, but you might not feel comfortable going out in public in the days after the surgery. Ask a friend to come over and help with errands, and consider hiring a meal delivery service to bring pre-packaged meal kits you can make for lunches and dinners while you recover. Be sure to follow all of your doctor's post-op instructions to help ensure a successful recovery.