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Two Tips to Help Reduce Swelling after a Ridge-Augmentation Procedure

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During a tooth-extraction procedure, you may lose some bone, and the natural shape of your gums may become distorted. In order to fix this, your dentist will perform a ridge-augmentation procedure. The procedure is designed to reshape and contour your gums using bone-graft material. This procedure is usually performed during your tooth extraction. Immediately after your oral surgery, you may begin to notice swelling and redness. The swelling will reduce within a few weeks once the tooth socket has healed, and swelling that does not subside on its own after a few weeks should be looked at by your dentist. Until then, there are a few tips that you can use right now in order to help reduce the swelling as quickly as possible.

Place a Cold Compress over the Area During the Day

A cold compress will help to reduce blood circulation near your surgical site. This will help to reduce inflammation. You can create a cold compress by filling up a bowl with cold water and add a cup of ice blocks into the water. Take a clean cloth and submerge the entire cloth in the water. Place five ice blocks in the wet cloth and wrap the ice blocks until they are secure. Hold the cloth against the surgical site and leave it there for at least thirty minutes. Once the cloth is no longer cold, repeat this process and reapply the cold compress. Perform this process throughout the day in order to get a handle on your swelling.

Drink an Anti-Inflammatory Tea

Your surgical area swells up after an invasive surgery procedure because of inflammation. A quick way to soothe and reduce this inflammation is with the help of a figwort anti-inflammatory tea. This herb is often used to help calm swelling and redness experienced immediately after surgery. If you drink figwort tea regularly, you will notice a reduction in your swelling within the first few days following surgery. In order to create the tea, allow the herb to soak in a pot of boiling hot water for at least five minutes. Wait for the mixture to cool, then pour the mixture into a cup and drink it. You can add lemon or limes in order to add additional taste to your tea before drinking.

Experiencing swelling after your ridge augmentation can quickly become frustrating to deal with. Use these tips to help get your swelling under control.