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3 Cosmetic Procedures That Can Enhance A Woman's Sexual Experience

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Many people make the assumption that women who desire cosmetic gynecological surgery either want a pretty vagina, or they desire to please their sexual partners. However, there are many physical benefits to cosmetic gynecological surgery for the woman. This may include stopping either urinary or fecal incontinence as well as relieving pain due to scarring after childbirth. Another benefit women may seek from cosmetic gynecological surgery is enhanced personal pleasure during sex. Below are three main types of gynecological surgery and how they can improve a woman's sexual experience. 


A vaginoplasty involves removing skin and tightening the muscles around the perineum and inside the vagina. This usually results in a vaginal opening that is less wide than it previously was while slightly changing the shape of the vaginal opening. This can increase your sensitivity to objects that are inserted into your vagina. It can also allow partners to access your vagina from a different angle, encouraging the stimulation of your Skene's gland, which can lead to orgasm in some women. 


Labiaplasty generally involves shortening the folds of the labia, removing excess skin, and making both sides of the inner or outer labia even. If your labia are large, you may experience some pinching or pulling during sex, which can be uncomfortable. Receiving a labiaplasty can reduce the sensation of pinching and allow you to enjoy sex more.  

Clitoral Hood Reduction 

The clitoral hood protects the clitoris during your day to day life. During sex, the clitoris swells and, for some women, pokes slightly out of the clitoris hood. Other women with smaller clitorises or larger hoods, have a completely recessed clitoris. While many women find that touching the clitoris directly is over stimulating, other women find that direct clitoral stimulation during sex helps them achieve orgasm.

You may find that a clitoral hood reduction allows you to achieve orgasm with less stimulation and more quickly, and it may affect the intensity of your orgasms. Alternatively, if you have a clitoral hood that does not currently cover your clitoris, a hood extension could make your clitoris less sensitive during daily activity and more sensitive during direct stimulation. 

Although the name cosmetic gynecology implies that these procedures are mostly about appearance, they actually have many physical benefits that you should consider. If you find sex painful, uncomfortable, or simply not enjoyable, then you should talk to a cosmetic gynecologist to discuss your options to improve your sex life.