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2 Tips To Help You Get Through The Facelift Recovery Process

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Thanks to advancement in surgical techniques, consumers have many options available to them when it comes to using plastic surgery to maintain a youthful appearance. Facelifts are one of the more common procedures used by women to help tighten sagging skin and reserve the signs of aging. If you are thinking of investing in a facelift, it's important that you take the time to properly prepare for the recovery process.

Here are two tips you can use to help you get through your own facelift recovery with as little stress as possible.

1. Color your hair before your surgery.

Many facelift procedures require a surgeon to make incisions along your hairline. Skin is pulled taut over your face to relieve drooping and sagging, extra skin is trimmed off, and the incision is sutured together.

If you color your hair on a regular basis, it's important to recognize that you will not be able to visit your stylist until the incision in your hairline has fully healed. Since it could take several weeks for your incision to fully heal, you will not be able to color your hair for several weeks following your surgery.

Having your hair freshly colored before your procedure will ensure that no gray roots show through while you go through the recovery process.

2. Invest in some button-up shirts.

Your wardrobe options might be the last thing you are thinking about as you prepare for your facelift, but it's essential that you take the time to look through your closet if you want your recovery to go smoothly. In the days following your facelift, you will have a significant amount of swelling and pain.

To avoid agitating the surgical site, you will want to have clothing that can be put on and removed easily. Investing in some button-up shirts prior to your facelift is a must, since wearing these types of shirts means you don't have to risk bumping your surgical site as pull your top over your head.

Experts suggest wearing button-up tops for at least a week following your facelift, so be sure that you have enough clothing options to get you through the recovery process.

Making the choice to get a facelift can be exciting. By ensuring that you have your hair freshly colored and many different button-up shirts to wear, you can reduce the amount of stress associated with a facelift recovery. Contact Newport Center for Special Surgery for more information.