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How Laser Hair Removal Is Being Used To REGROW Hair

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A lot of guys who start to go bald typically shave their heads completely to avoid having others notice their baldness. Sure, it works, but then the hair you do have on your scalp will grow back again anyway. One option is laser hair removal, so that you are totally cue-balled. However, you may find that this method of hair removal occasionally backfires with a pleasant surprise; hair regrowth! Here are the hows and whys of using laser hair removal as a means to regrow hair.

Actual Evidence of Hair Regrowth

Studies completed in the last three years have shown that using lasers that are typically for hair removal have actually regrown lost hair. The theory is that many consumers who are going bald can stimulate the scalp and follicles that were thought to be dead and not likely to regrow hair. The laser jolts the bald spots back to life, and helps remove clogged follicles at the same time. It sends the message to the scalp that it is still alive and the scalp responds. 

Applying the Laser to Your Head

Clearly, the purpose of removing hair is so that it does not grow back. Clients who have made a firm choice in removing all the remaining hair on their heads would be pleased to have it grow back, but it does not always work. Therefore, if you want to attempt this to see if your hair will regrow, be sure that you are not too upset when it does not grow back.

The laser can be applied to bare skin and bald spots to remove a wisp of hair here and there. As it makes contact, it will glance over the bald areas. If anything does grow back in a bald spot, you may want to proceed with this bizarre approach to regrowing hair on the rest of your head. Men are often more willing to attempt this than women, since women would rather keep most of their own hair than resign to wearing wigs forever.

Why You Might Want to Go for It

If you have already lost most of your hair, you do not have much left to lose. This is the reason why men and women who are going bald will try something out of the ordinary to get their hair back. Since scientists are not fully sure of how this works just yet, or why it works for some and not for others, your own success could contribute to the growing research for answers.