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Clear Truths About Acne That Everyone Needs To Know

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Do you suffer from periodic skin breakouts or consider yourself an acne prone individual? Perhaps you have had skin problems for as long as you can remember, and you may feel hopeless about ever having clear skin. Regardless of what is causing you to have acne, there is likely a solution available that can lead to you having clear and healthy skin. Lifestyle changes, cosmetic procedures or medications may be used alone or in combination to help people defeat their acne issues. The following are some things that could be causing you to have acne and blemishes. 

Digestive Health

A number of people experience skin breakouts as a result of having an overpopulation of "bad bacteria" in their digestive systems. Unhealthy eating habits, use of antibiotics, and stress can all affect the balance of bacteria in the digestive system. Consuming fermented foods and foods containing probiotics, which are "good bacteria" can stabilize the digestive system and encourage good bacteria to flourish. 


Consuming the meat of animals that received hormone injections prior to being slaughtered could trigger acne in some people. Hormonal changes may also occur naturally in the body as a result of aging. If hormone issues are the reason for your acne, hormonal therapy might be recommended by a health professional. For example, some women are prescribed birth control to correct hormonal imbalances. Opting to only consume meat from animals who have not been given hormones could also be beneficial. 


Acne is an issue that many people tend to associate with puberty, but some people start having acne issues in their late adult years. This is sometimes referred to as adult acne. These types of acne may be treated with medications that are taken orally or applied topically. A professional can determine the proper course of treatment and recommend or prescribe skincare products that are ideal for your skin type. For example, people with oily skin may have severe problems with clogged pores and would likely benefit from a skincare regimen that utilizes oil-free products. 

Allergies and Additives

What you eat could be causing your acne. This is particularly true if you consume a significant amount of processed foods. The additives in the foods may be causing an allergic reaction. It is also possible to have allergic reactions to whole and natural foods such as nuts. Instead of hives, you may experience blotchy skin. Determining the allergen and refraining from consuming it will be the best approach to avoid skin flare-ups of this nature. For example, some people have acne as a result of consuming MSG, which is an additive that is found in many seasonings and packaged foods. Becoming an avid label reader is helpful for people with acne that is related to their diet. 

A skincare professional is the best resource to use to determine what is causing your skin problems. They can also help you with any damages that have occurred to your skin such as reducing the appearance of acne scarring.